Soapstone Essential Oil Diffusers

Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with handcrafted and unique soapstone essential oil diffusers

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years either directly as topical aids or to be consumed. However, they have also been used in aromatherapy as well, which requires dispersal in the air. For many, an essential oil diffuser is needed to create the right conditions for its aerial dispersal.

What is an Essential Oil Diffuser?

A diffuser basically takes the oil elements and allows them to become airborne in a number of different ways. Whether through heat, evaporation or other methods, the diffuser certainly makes for a unique gift idea that has been used for centuries.

Different Types Available

While the process itself may seem simple on the surface, there are basically four different types of diffusers available on the market. Finding the one that best meets your needs will depend on what you are looking for in a diffuser, but all of these will put the essential oil in the air where it belongs in a fairly quick and efficient manner.

Nebulizer: This works on the same principle as the atomizer used to create certain perfumes. A blast of air that is sent across a tube creates a vacuum inside which will pull the liquid at the bottom up to the top. The airflow itself will then blow across the surface of the oil turning it into a fine mist. This type of diffuser can put a considerable amount of oil into the air rather quickly.

For those who are using the diffuser for therapeutic reasons, this may be the best type since it puts all of the oil into the air in a fine mist. While the benefits of this form of diffuser are considerable, it does tend to create a noticeable amount of noise as well as using up the oil at a considerable rate. Therefore, a nebulizer is best used for about 15 minutes every hour so that it can work quickly while not being on for that long a period of time.

Humidifying: Also called ultrasonic, this is a type of diffuser that also creates a fine mist, but uses ultrasonic waves through electronic frequencies that causes a small disk located at the bottom of the container to vibrate at a high rate of speed. These vibrations break up the essential oil into smaller particles, which are then dispersed into a fine mist, which rises out of the unit itself.

The fine mist is perfect for those who want a better therapeutic effect from the essential oils as they are still intact, but in a smaller form. This is done without the use of heat that tends to transform the oils into another form. However, the downside of this process is that it does not spread out the oil through the room very well which means that you’ll either have to be in close proximity or have some type of fan or other unit to help with the dispersal.

Evaporative: This is a very basic type of diffuser in which a fan blows across a pad or filter that has essential oil added. The air blowing across the filter causes the oil to evaporate and the essence to fill up the room. This is arguably the simplest process of the diffusion and is used in many different homes around the world.

If there is a drawback, it is that the fan will cause the oil to evaporate rather quickly which means that you’ll have to use more oil that certain other methods to keep the process going. Plus, the lighter elements of the oil will tend to evaporate faster than the heavier ones, which means that you will not be getting the complete oil treatment when using this process. However, they are effective, quiet and quite popular

Heat: This is one of the more common types of diffusers that use heat to create dispersal of the oil elements into the air. The heat can be adjusted in temperature to either create a stronger smell at the higher setting or more subtle scents at a lower level. The best type of heat diffusers will use the lower level because more of the oil itself is put into the air.

This is because higher heat levels actually change the elements that are inside the oils themselves, which is why more people prefer the lower levels, which provide more of the essential parts of the oil. While this may be seen as a negative factor, it can be said that heat diffusers are completely silent and very economical to use. For many people, this is the only type that they have in their home.

Benefits of Using an Essential Oil Diffuser

The benefits of using a diffuser are many, starting with it being an effective form of aromatherapy. Depending on the type of diffuser that is purchased, this is arguably one of the best methods to bring a sense of calm and wellbeing into the home itself.

Diffusers are fairly inexpensive and can be used for many years with only moderate maintenance required. Care must be taken to ensure that the oil is properly cleaned from the diffuser and depending on the type may leave a residue around the product as well.

At Gifts Ready to Go, we have a wonderful line of soapstone essential oil diffusers for your home. They can provide you and your family with the wonderful scent of the oils that will help relax and rejuvenate everyone. You can now enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing and health thanks to the use of these essential oil diffusers, which come in different shapes and styles to compliment the décor of your home.

Soapstone Fragrance Oil Diffuser 4.5 Inch Gift Set

In addition to our soapstone essential oil diffusers, you can also choose from a number of unique gift ideas that range from simple housewarming gifts to aromatherapy gifts, organic soaps, soy candles and more. Gifts Ready To Go is the place to go to find the best in essential oil products so go ahead and visit us today.

Aromatherapy Large Essential Oils Gift Set

This information is solely for informational purposes only. This is information is not intended to provide any medical advice, cure or treatment.

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