Corporate Gift Ideas

What makes a good corporate gift?

Giving the right gifts at the right time can help a business enjoy better performance due to improved employee morale and return purchases from customers who feel appreciated. However, the art of giving corporate gifts is not only complicated but follows specific rules and guidelines. In the first place, it is always demanding trying to identify the best gift to offer both customers and even employees especially when operating on a tight budget. It is also difficult to identify a gift that will be acceptable to both genders and people from all over the world. Below you will find some great pointers on corporate gift giving etiquette.

Company Rules

The first rule, when it comes to corporate gift etiquette, is to observe all company rules when it comes to corporate gifts. Most companies only allow higher-ranking employees to decide on whether to give any gifts and what those gifts should be. Company rules and guidelines also spell out the maximum value of the gifts given out and also received. These guidelines are provided to ensure that employees do not accept gifts that could seem to be overly valuable and not in the interest of the company policy. They also provide that only high-ranking officials can decide on the use of company funds as well as giving out corporate gifts that may have an effect on the image of the organization.

It is however important to consider whether returning a corporate gift from a satisfied customer or business would seem insulting and hence damage the reputation of the business in the eyes of the giver. Corporate gift baskets offered to employees who deal with customers directly should be shared with other employees working behind the scenes.


Timing is everything, even when giving corporate gifts. Customers or employees receiving gifts during the holidays will be grateful and see this as a way of celebrating the season, on the other hand giving gifts during contract negotiations can seem suspicious from many perspectives. Promotional corporate gifts, on the other hand, can be sent all year round especially when they go out to a large group of recipients.


Businesses today deal with a wide variety of customers and employees as well. In most countries, cultural diversity has improved over the years. It is also important to note that today companies operate without borders, across the world in different countries and cultures. Any corporate gift baskets to be used in promotional activities or to show appreciation to employees and customers alike should be carefully selected. The cultural acceptability of such gifts should be considered carefully to avoid sending mixed signals or even worse, insulting messages.

With the above in mind, corporate gifts will be more acceptable and appreciated. A basic tip to remember in corporate gift giving is to ensure all gifts are gender sensitive; examples include silk flower arrangements and pens.

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