Enjoy Tea On-The-Go

Enjoy tea wherever you go!

There’s no better way to say you care than giving gifts that improve the receivers’ well being. It shows that you care for their health. One unique gift that you can give them is a Tea Infuser Tumbler Gift Set from Gifts Ready To Go. The gift set comes with our premium tea collection and a Tea Infuser Tumbler.

The Tea Infuser Tumbler is different from other tumblers on the market. It comes with an infusion mechanism that lets the user control when to brew a tea bag or loose-leaf tea without the need to remove the tea from the tumbler. It has a metal filter with an infusion-stopping chamber that allows you to control the infusion process with a push-pull device. The design of the tumbler makes it a must-have item for all tea lovers and it is perfect for those late morning rushes! It can also be used with coffee! Watch the video to learn more about this unique gift idea.

Tea gifts are perfect for everyone. They provide health and wellness to family, friends, or even clients. And believe it or not, tea is the world’s most popular drink. There are more tea drinkers than coffee drinkers in the world. Tea also crosses all cultural boundaries, unlike wine. Tea as corporate gifts is perfect for customers, clients and employees no matter what their age, gender, or beliefs might be.

Tea conveys positivity and wellness of the body. When you give out tea gifts, you are giving people the opportunity to relax and enjoy the moment. And with the Tea Infuser Tumbler, you are allowing the recipients of the gifts to bring their tea wherever they might need to go. It keeps the drink warm with the double wall insulation and allows them to brew their favorite tea flavors on the go.

When you give tea as a corporate gift, it provides the opportunity for a follow-up. Clients will ask where they can get a refill of the high-quality tea that you have given them. Not only does tea promote positivity of the body, it fosters positive business relationships as well.

Tea gifts can convert the recipient into a tea drinker and they can enjoy the benefits of drinking it. A lot of studies have suggested that tea drinking helps improve one’s wellbeing. It reduces the risk for stroke and heart disease. Tea contains polyphenols, which are natural compounds that protect against various cancers such as lungs, skin, breast, and prostate. Some varieties of tea have antioxidants that increase the metabolism and help with weight loss. Tea drinkers also display improved concentration, performance, and mood.

As you can see, our Tea Infuser Tumbler sets make great, unique gift ideas. The tumbler is available in Brushed Steel, Pearl White, Starry Blue, and Obsidion Black. There are various tea collections to choose from. You can check out Gifts Ready To Go to find out more on the available collections or click on the Buy Now options below.


Tea Infuser Tumbler Combo Gift Set (Brushed Steel)
Tea Infuser Tumbler Combo Gift Set (Pearl White)
Tea Infuser Tumbler Combo Gift Set (Starry Night)
Tea Infuser Tumbler Combo Gift Set (Obsidion)


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