A Guide for Men Buying Gifts for Girlfriends

by Russell
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Gifts for Girlfriends Over the years I have noticed that some men tend to get it very wrong when it comes to gifts for girlfriends and wives. The problem is that we women are sensitive creatures and if you give us the wrong thing, we tend to see it as a sign that you do not know or care who we really are. I realize that men who can’t pick good gifts for girlfriends have a hard time and that in most cases they don’t buy the wrong thing on purpose. That is why I am writing this to help you, men, out.

Let’s start by talking about bad gifts for girlfriends that we women do not want. The worst kind of gift you can give a woman is a domestic appliance of any kind. My step-daughter’s ex gave her a hand-held vacuum cleaner one Christmas and I think she was tempted to kill him for it. It is also a mistake to buy gifts for girlfriends that you will use more than they do. My husband has made this kind of mistake on more than one occasion. You are supposed to match your gift to the recipient’s taste, not yours.

Gifts for girlfriends that are generally appreciated include clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, books, DVDs, CDs, chocolate, perfume, and beauty cosmetics. However, you must take care regardless of what you choose to give. Never give a woman a gift that is the wrong size and does not suit her taste. If you want to get it right when it comes to gifts for girlfriends take the time to observe her habits and investigate to see what she likes. If you give the right kind of gift, she will be impressed by how well you know her and be more loving than usual, so it is worth doing.

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