Birthday Gift Ideas

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It’s birthday time. Are you saying to yourself, “Can’t think of what to get my girlfriend.”?  We’ll then let’s go over some great birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend, wife, or special female in your life.


A gift certificate for a spa salon or spa retreat is a wonderful idea. If she loves a massage, pedicure, and perhaps a mud bath or facial then this gift will not disappoint. Let us recommend a place that does a hand and stone massage. This is where the heat of stones and placed them on her back and body letting the heat soak and relax into the skin. It’s hard to explain just how good it feels, to melt away stress and relax the body before they give a hands-on massage. It’s truly a wonderful experience.


Let me tell you a little secret guy. For women that love music, there’s something about them seeing one of their favorite artists live that really tickles their fancy. It really pushes that deep dark inner fun button that every woman has. Get a couple tickets. One for you and her, but make sure she feels special and realizes it’s an artist that she likes more than you, or else it may kill the mood.

Other female birthday gift ideas are plays, ballerinas, and operas. You may also find theme-style restaurants that have theater play-type shows before you eat. They are pretty common in most major cities.


For more tangible birthday gifts for her, you can spice it up with women’s lingerie. Just don’t get her a costume because we all know that’d be more for you than her. For electronics, if she’s an avid reader you can get her an e-reader such as a Nook or Kindle, and even buy some books and install them on there for her. That’s a big hit.

For more traditional birthday gifts for your girlfriend, try shopping for the latest perfume. I like to search on Amazon for terms like “women’s perfume” and then sort them by the most popular and make sure it scored 4.5 to 5 stars by at least 50 reviewers before making a buying decision. Popularity isn’t always the best thing, but when it comes to women’s perfumes it makes a lot of sense to know what the general population likes the best.

Another traditional gift for your wife or girlfriend is some balloons and flowers, especially if you’re on a budget. Don’t buy your flowers from a florist unless they’re on sale. You can usually find some really cheap ones at grocery stores, and pharmacies, and if you have one near you try Trader Joe’s, where you can get a nice flower arrangement.

Last but not least, do not forget to get her a birthday card. Cater it to not only her personality but her mood in recent days leading up to her birthday. This psychological trick can score you a lot of points. If she’s been emotional, perhaps upset by work, family or friends, get her a more personal I LOVE YOU or I APPRECIATE YOU type of birthday card. Something that is very sincere. If she’s been having fun and has a great sense of humor you go with a comical birthday card for her.

Hope you enjoyed this article: Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend.

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