My last Halloween

by Russell
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Today I have a rather rocky post hehe. Since we are in 2022 and waiting passionately for Halloween, surely many have already thought of their costume for the tone or are desperately searching. Well, today I wanted to tell you what I dressed up as last Halloween!

Style of Costume

To begin with, I was in Alaska, at the university. My best exchange friend and I found out that there was a Halloween tone for the university, and we thought, what can we dress up as with a budget of 100 dollars? So we brainstormed for several days, and it occurred to me that we could be hipsters! I actually thought of that, because I was looking for something that is a costume, but not so over the top, so I came up with something totally different from my style. We just needed wayfarer glasses, something with mustaches, fake tattoos, graphic t-shirts, high-waisted shorts, and spikes or studs somewhere. And we finished it with makeup: red lips and intense smokey eyes. The idea was to exaggerate it a bit. Finally, hipsters do not have a single look, but they are characterized by some basic elements, and by wasting style,

I chose it because I thought it would be fun as a costume because it’s the complete opposite of me. This style of “costume” is super easy and low-budget. You just have to choose a style totally different from yours, and mark it as much as possible so that it looks a little more over the top, and that’s it! For example, you can dress super boho, with a braided headband and feathers, a print maxidress and round glasses, or goth if you dress all in black, black lips, etc. And so you can put together simple but fun costumes.

That’s how we ended up going to the party like hipsters. As you will see in the photos, we went in shorts and tights, and it was already the beginning of winter, so at night it reached 0 degrees. And since the metro doesn’t work after 12pm, we had to return at 4am by bicycle to our apartment!! #NeverHaveIFeelSoColdInMyLife. But still, it was a hit! 

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