Trend – PEARLS & FUR

by Russell
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And as “there are no arguments against trends”, the post I bring you today is one of those wonderful posts where I deliberately talk about what I like in each season’s collections. It is true that trends are dictated much earlier than the general public imagines, but the fact is that the moment they pass to the catwalks around the world and, in turn, to the various stores in the retail world, they quickly become a fever.

Well, but not all they vary depending on the buyer’s taste and mentality, as we all know that sometimes there are trends out there, I would say, somewhat scandalous, as well as that wavy eyebrows trend and so on. outside… I don’t usually talk about what I don’t like and I don’t go into depth, which makes my opinion null on the subject but of course, I have eyes and I know how to evaluate what a good trend is. And speaking of trends, that’s precisely what I bring you today! More than an outfit, some trends.

They are the Pearls and the Fur

In the blogosphere they are no longer a novelty but they continue to gain more and more space in the closets of it girls. As for the pearls, they are easily seen in pieces of clothing as in the case of my knitted sweater but not only, the pearls have really turned this season upside down! They can also be found in coats, pants, hats, gloves, bags, etc.

The fur, attention, fur of artificial origin! Yea! There are still people out there who think that having clothes made of fur or fur of animal origin is synonymous with status or good taste, however, this time fashion wanted to go further and brought something better than a trend or a good design, it brought a new mindset, greater awareness of 21st-century clothing. With this trend, we saw several people who were not fans of this type of clothing adapt some pieces of it because they are of artificial and non-animal origin (in my case).

From beanies to faux fur coats, there’s a little bit of everything out there in stores and I must say that I’m quite happy when I see progress like this in the fashion world, the world I’m passionate about.

As for the outfit as a whole, I can say that it is very practical, comfortable, and great for going to the cafe or going for a walk. And above all, super trendy! 🙂

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